Ideas that have long been gestating inspire my entry into studio art.  A resident of Brooklyn, I was a cultural migrant to NYC in my early-twenties.  (Scratch just below the surface and you still find a California surfer.)  I hold two university degrees: a Bachelor's in Dramatic Literature from U.C. Berkeley, and a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Design from N.Y.U.'s Tisch School of the Arts.  For nearly three decades I've worked professionally as a Scene Designer in Theatre and Film, with many projects for national and international theatre, opera, and dance companies, as well as Broadway.  Currently, I serve as international Scene Design associate for the musical The Lion King.  A list of important influences includes: Aeschylus, Eduardo Chillida, Romanesque architecture, Antique glass, Duccio and early Sienese painting, Red and Black Raku pottery, Antoni Tapies, Julius Bissier, Ingres' pencil portraits, the Vatican's Gallery of Maps, Edo-Mae Sushi, and keenly, J.S. Bach.  Primary inspirations include: vernacular architecture, music composition, shapes and patterns in Nature, and old maps.

In a sense my works are elaborate constructs, the result of considered invention and distillation.  At the same time they are vestiges of an open conversation with materials allowing for – encouraging, really - fortuitous accident.